Exploring the future of digital advertising

Wearables. Digital kiosks. In-car technology. Consumers’ options for accessing the digital world are evolving rapidly. Undertone’s new Future Proof Labs™ explore the next generation of consumer ad interaction by prototyping and testing emerging digital technologies in state-of-the-art research facilities. Our goal is to understand consumer behavior across the emerging digital landscape, and to educate brands on how to most effectively harness new technology.

Get Involved

Future Proof believes a hands-on approach is essential to success. We believe that the novelty of new technology eventually fades and that a solution must provide real value to the consumer. Today, we specifically look at solutions that can help clients cross-sell, up-sell, and/or bring attention to products of interest. We want to work with you!  Future Proof has a diverse array of partnership and research opportunities that could feature your brands.

  • First-to-market demo opportunities with innovative new offerings
  • Opportunity to collaborate on research initiatives
  • First-look access to data from lab testing
  • Brand exposure through lab sponsorship

If you would like to learn more about partnership & research opportunities,
we want to hear from you! Please contact at labs@future-proof.com.



  • March 7-9SXSW Austin, TX
  • March 16-194A’s Los Angeles, CA
  • March 27-28ad:tech San Francisco, CA
  • April 14-16Minneapolis, MN
  • April 17-25Chicago, IL
  • April 28-29Detroit, MI
  • May 1-2Cincinnati, OH
  • May 6-23New York, NY
  • May 28Philadelphia, PA
  • June 2Princeton, NJ
  • September 29-30Detroit, MI
  • October 6-8Boston, MA
  • October 13-14Tampa, FL
  • October 15-18ANA Masters Orlando, FL
  • October 22-24Dallas, TX

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